Human Rights Range

AYAMA Wines, in collaboration with Lourensford Estate, was tasked to be a part of a wine campaign commissioned to raise awareness for Human Rights, partly based on the South African Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

We were pleased when asked to be a part of a human rights initiative by human rights activist and winemaker, Feng Wei Fred Huang. Human rights is a social subject often overlooked by many. Being approached to be a part of such a great initiative, creating awareness, while raising funds, was truly an honour for us.

The stylized labels were designed and drawn by students from ‘The Centre for Fine Art, Animation and Design’ (CFAD), founded by Nanda Soobben. Each label clearly depicting a human right.

The limited-edition range consists of 6 wines, made in an old and a new world style ie:

The right to EQUALITY: Merlot

The right to FREEDOM: Pinotage,

The right to DIGNITY: Cabernet Sauvignon,

The right to PRIVACY: Sauvignon blanc

The right to LIFE: Chardonnay

The right to LOVE: Rose

Made in both an old and new world style.

All proceeds from the sale of wines go to the “Do I Care Enough” (DICE) charity. DICE is a charity, established by Regina Anthony, known for caring for the elderly, infants and children. The full range is available from our Ayamateca! Do your bit by supporting this great initiative, as R10 from each bottle sold will be donated.

Available from our local shop